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Online Studies

The Freedom School establishes a student-teacher relationship in its online study program through a system of  feedback and evaluation.

It is important for us to get to know you well enough to trust you with the content of our system. Our evaluations ensure that you have sufficient understanding of basic material before you get access to higher-level material. Access to the material is therefore gained in increments. It is up to you how hard you want to train and how fast you want to make progress.

Courses progress in 4 levels: basic, intermediate, advanced and instructor level. If you reach the instructor level in any course you have our permission to teach the material in that course. This is our school’s equivalent of a black belt. For us a black belt is not the objective of your study, it is just a sign that you have entered into the gate of self-sufficiency.

The Freedom School currently offers the following courses:
-       Taiji Quan (Tai Chi) - Beijing 24 foundation, form and function
-       Swimming Dragon (taiyi you long gong) – foundation and form
-       Baguazhang (eight trigram palm) – forms and function
-       Bagua Sword (Jian) – a complete solo form
-       Aikido Basics – foundation for aikido practice
-       Aikido Sword (Ken) - foundation
-       Aikido Staff (Jo) - foundation
-       Capoeira – all techniques you need to know to play
-       Muay Thai Buran - foundation
-       Freedom Martial Art - comprehensive hybrid martial art
-       Freedom Sword -  building blocks of sword and weapons use
-       Freedom Martial Yoga – solo exercises for health and vitality 

How to study online?

1.     You need internet access and a place where you can train by following the online videos

2.     For partner exercises you need to have at least 1 training partner

3.     You will be required to make training time for yourself at least twice a week

4.     Join on this website as a online student and receive your profile and training videos

5.     You will have access to instructional videos for all our starter modules.

6.     The videos are not intended for passive viewing, they are to be followed directly as a guide to your physical training

7.     You will also receive time units for online personal training and online feedback

8.     Use these time units to get feedback on your progress, or to be graded to the next level training modules.

9.     The time it takes us to evaluate you will be deducted from your time units, which are logged on your profile.

How to give online feedback?

1.     Our instructional videos contain sets of exercises that are explained in some detail. You need to practice all these exercises, paying as much attention to detail as possible

2.     If you want feedback or advice on any exercise you can contact us and/or you can send us a video of yourself doing the exercise. Keep it short to save time units. Submit videos via dropbox, email or facebook message. But first contact us to establish the method of video transfer. Contact us by email or skype (preferred). These first contacts will not be deducted from time units, we are happy to hear from you!

3.     When you feel you are comfortable with the exercises you can submit an evaluation video

4.     In an evaluation video you have to string together all the exercises of the module into a sequence in which you can be seen to perform every exercise clearly, to the left and to the right, or clockwise and anticlockwise. This will test your understanding and creativity.

5.     Submit the video and gain feedback (via email or skype) and if the instructor decides you are ready, gain access to the next level module.

6.     You can use this process for any or all of our online courses

7.     We wish you good luck and look forward to assist you in your studies.