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If you want to join this site, first read and understand all the small print, any questions, contact us.

There are 3 types of membership in our school:

1. Regular Student Membership: This is an optional membership for students who are part of Freedom School weekly classes. Regular members have access to online videos specific to their level and receive higher levels of access as they progress in their studies. Membership is compulsory for teachers and those who want to grade.
2. Online Student Membership: This is for students who cannot join regular classes or international students wishing to study online. 
3. Discount memberships: These memberships are for financially challenged students. Discount memberships can be obtained through a letter of request. Discount members have to prove that they train hard and regularly.

When you take the Online Student Membership, you will receive access to high quality online videos of the starter modules of each online course we offer. The videos cannot be downloaded but only watched online. They are meant to be followed regularly. If you want to progress in any course you have to send us a feedback video of yourself performing every exercise in the module, at least once. Send the video in compressed format, or upload it to youtube or Vimeo. We will then evaluate your video and give you feedback, and if your movements are ok, we give you access to the next module in the course. And so the process repeats. You can study as many courses as you want and learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. As part of your membership you have a certain amount of Time Units. Every time we evaluate your videos we subtract the evaluation time from your Time Units. Time Units can be purchased if they run out.

What are the benefits of membership? 

By joining you gain access to detailed instructional videos of all the study material that you are working on in your particular level of study, as well as starter modules for all the courses that we have to offer. 
You receive an online profile, on which you can view your membership status and info, your grading level and the status of your payments and/or personal training time units.
Membership entitles you to:

Join regular classes or online studies;
Get discount rates on workshops and events;
Grade and progress in levels;
Gain progressive access to more online videos as you progress in level;
You can start your own study group and eventually become an instructor.

Membership enables the school to log your information and level of advancement, and to give you effective feedback on your progress. 

In short, membership makes your training transparent and easy to monitor.

All your info on the site is confidential within the school, visible to yourself and the admin only.

If your membership expires, your profile and videos are de-activated. An email reminder will be sent to you one month before expiry of your membership.