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Study Groups/Workshops/Fees


Online students are encouraged to train with training partners and start study groups. These groups can later become registered classes and the group leaders can become qualified instructors. All members of a study group need to register as members, but only one person per study group (usually the group leader) needs to register an Online Student Membership. The other members of the group can register under Regular Student Membership. Study group leaders may charge a fee for presenting training. A study group can also be run like a club where various members can present training, with at least one Online Student membership per study group.


Freedom School instructors may travel to support study groups by presenting workshops. The Freedom School’s online material is the ideal back-up for workshops, so that the knowledge gained at workshops is remembered and can be revised at home. Workshop participants who register as members can download start-up modules for all courses, as well as material that was covered in a workshop. Freedom School has an open policy and members are free to be members of any other martial arts school or clubs if they want.


R70 for an hour class, R100 for 1.5 hour class, R350-R400 per hour for private lessons