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Hans Menck is head instructor at Freedom School, co-ordinating and ensuring the quality of training in the Freedom School.

Sadie French is studying full time to become a complete Freedom Martial Art instructor. She is a yoga teacher and has a background in athletics and boxing

Julia Nowicki (082 4993671) Teaches Freedom Tai Chi, martial yoga and Swimming Dragon Taiyi and elements of Freedom martial art. Based in Dance Alive Studio, Muizenberg, 16 Palmer Rd. Julia is a sacro-cranial therapist and belly dance teacher

Dr. Thomas Jahn (Cape Town, 079 5178544) is a doctor of Chinese Medicine, active in Cape Town. He is also a teacher of Neijia Quan (internal martial arts) and Qi Gong (energy cultivation). He studies Baguazhang at the Freedom School and has started teaching the art as part of his Neijia Quan course.

Fergus Turner (Cape Town/ Muizenberg) is a Capoeira instructor and student of various disciplines at Freedom School. He has permission to start and teach study groups of Freedom Martial Art.


Contact us through this website for the Munich details.


Johanna Maubert has permission to teach Swimming Dragon and Beijing 24 Taiji. +33 6 34 46 60 76, e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.